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What is Staging?

All the URIs provided in our documentation are environment independent.

Our staging website is www.staging.justgiving.com

Our production API is api.staging.justgiving.com

Testing should be conducted against staging. The features on staging are a replica of our production site. The database however is independent of production. Therefore an existing account or page on production will not necessarily exist on staging and vice versa. 

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    Johnny Walker

    The sandbox website is actually at: http://v3-sandbox.justgiving.com/ and that's not the production API URI, it's the new sandbox one.

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    Toby Bettridge

    Would it be possible to have a mailing list or something to allow us to know when the staging environment is being wiped or rebuilt? Testers keep raising bugs that turn out to be the JustGiving staging system has stopped working for no apparent reason. 

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